Guylaine Simone Gamble


As a natural communicator with a diverse professional background,  I’ve used my voice in different situations and can do Voice-Overs in English or French. I enjoy the intuitive creative process and being in the flow. I  am a professional, motivated and driven person and a fast learner and would love to use my natural abilities to be of service.


My voice is adult Female or young, sincere, articulate, warm, sensual, professional, upbeat, enthusiastic, and most of all intuitively adaptable to the script, purpose, and audience.  I am bilingual and speak native French (European French) and US American English and some basic Spanish


Some of my professional voice experience include guest radio co-hosting, airline passenger and flight announcements, play-acting in  school theater group, an informal French learning program, sang and recorded children’s songs, and narrated countless children’s stories.

  • Commercial
  • Narrative
  • Audiobook
  • E-Learning Course
  • Bilingual French/English

“Be a voice, not an echo.” Contact me here by email.


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